Deck Hardware

With our teams many years experience racing, cruising and sail training in both yachts and dinghies we are never happier than working out solutions to your deck fittings and hardware. We work closely with the biggest names in the business. Companies like Harken, Lewmar and Spinlock supply us with beautifully finished winches, clutches, blocks and control systems that will fit seamlessly into any boat new or old, big or small.


    Harken deck equipment

To avoid costly replacements then you we can inspect service and maintain all of these for you. There is nothing more frustrasting (or dangerous) than a winch that no longer works. Winches, for example, should be serviced at least annually to ensure they function correctly. Our trained team are able to strip, clean and service any of these vital components for you, giving you a report on condition and work carried out at the end to give you peace of mind your season will be spent sailing rather than wrestling with greasy parts of deck equipment!

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